stats & streaks

  • stats / streaks added - doesn't work in certain browsers because of Circumstances but i'll see what can be done
  • game saves guesses if you want to see a daily dordle again or if you want to stop a game halfway and come back later
  • settings moved to options screen in preparation for a couple extra options
  • fixed issues with sharing text not being visible in certain browsers
  • think i solved issues with daylight savings time

as usual if it doesn't show up for you hold CTRL and reload the page

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Mar 08, 2022


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if I don’t plY the whole game at once, my progress is gone when I come back

I used to get my stats every day (Edge browser) and now just today's result.


Same here on Firefox. It started (losing) the stats about 10(?) days or so ago. Until then, stats had been kept daily for (guessing here) at least a YEAR. No point in playing Dordle now. Oh well.

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how do I get my scores for dordle into LeaderboardLe. When I copy and paste it, LeaderboardLe says game not recognized.


Does Dordle keep stats in Chrome, it doesn't seem to work?  Did I need to be on for it to work? 

I too am on Safari.  Dordle is my favorite word game, so I’d LOVE to have it keep stats.  Will buy you several coffees if and when!!

Love it.


I’m on  safari and can’t get stats so  is that to be fixed any time soon?


I’ll even buy you a ton of coffee if you answer my question 🙋‍♀️ please please.  My friends are doing it together to see whose streak lasts the longest 

Are you still working on Stats and Streaks for Chrome on Android?  Hoping for that functionality.

I  have the same question for ios chrome, and this did not answer it.