daily dordles

alright you popularly demanding people

by popular demand, daily dordles are in

also game should work a little better in mobile phones with horz resolution below 550px


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does not work on Chrome

can you leave our completed games up once you publish the correct words so we can see where we made a mistake

This game will not play in Safari browser.  Please advise.


Should be able to save games!


This update broke the game on Chrome mobile browser


Can you change the daily dordle so that you can only attempt it once a day and that your previous attempt is saved until the next day?

This would better reflect how the original Wordle works and reduces the chances of people posting their daily result after already knowing the solution.

I'll see what can be done, but there's just so many ways to cheat around that

it’s nothing to do with cheating- the fundamental appeals of Wordle are the persistence of the experience and the easy sharing of each day’s attempt.

I often go back to my daily Wordle and look what I did and talk to people about it. In your version that’s impossible and so it unfortunately loses much of its appeal.

As if to prove my point, today I recommended dordle to a friend of mine who loves Wordle, she completed it a few hours later and shared her result, and so I went back to my dordle tab only to find today’s dordle blank. I can’t even remember what my solutions were. Back to Wordle for now then!

I keep a copy of every game in a folder just so I can check . Try that