more words & less colors

  • word list has been completely rebuilt. original list had a few too many words no one should be forced to look at, so some words will no longer be answers. to compensate, a few words have been found so the answer list is actually 250 words longer now.
  • word list is compressed down from 80kB to 25kB. sorry love you didn't expect this to be doing numbers
  • ultimate decolored mode added. it would be difficult, if not impossible, to remove any more colors. good luck making that work, quordle
  • you will no longer have to wonder if something is a word or what it means; they now all link to humanity's most trusted source, wiktionary

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Feb 15, 2022


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Really hard to read the words if unable to solve, colors too intense or letters aren't distinct. Thanks


It seems the Dordle solutions are *not* the same for everyone ? I'm in Canada and asked a colleague in France how she arrived at hers. It turned out that the two words she arrived at — no spoilers here — were completely different ! Daily Dordle No. 23.

Yup I had the same issue but we were both in the UK. I have my laptop date and time set later though and never changed it back but the Dordle number is the same and we had different answers for No.22

Seems to be platform specific— mobile vs desktop. Just did the puzzle on my computer and compared my guesses to a friend on Discord and she had completely different answers for the same puzzle. I opened it up on my phone and got the same as hers.