words & colors

  • a request was made to remove derisive terms from the list of words that can be picked as answers to a game. I've attended that request - the words can still be used to guess, but you'll never have to type them if you don't want to.
  • two words related to colors were temporarily removed from the word list because i did a text replacement wrong. that's fixed as well.
  • all threads related to the two items above have been removed, both because of tidiness, and because conversations about whether i am "virtue signaling" can be done better elsewhere. plus, you'll be able to post hilarious meme images along with it.


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Just recently discovered Dordle and am enjoying it. It appears that your word list is longer than the Wordle list (2309). Is it published?


Loving this game, thank you! Its fiendishly addictive!😁 If the landing page was more attractive you could have a very popular app on your hands.

Thank you! And thanks for the colorblind mode.

its not really a colorblind mode