abîme command reference

This is just the short version of the reference; click here to see the complete one

abîme works on a "cursor list" which is modified by most commands. you start with a single cursor pointing upwards in the center of the screen.

for example, if you have five cursors, poly 3 will draw five triangles.
Most arguments to commands are optional; the program will try to fill them with something that makes sense.

poly 3 100 - polygon with 3 sides of length 100.
rect 100 20 - rectangle with length 100 and width 20.
bend 45 100 20 - rectangle that bends 45 degrees clockwise, 100 units long, 20 units width.

from face - if the last command was a shape, continue drawing from every face on that shape.
from side - if the last command was a rectangle, continue drawing from the top of that rectangle.
available nodes are "base", "top", "side", "face" and some others

trans 100 50 - translates cursor 100 units to the right and 50 units forward.
rot 45 - rotates cursor 45 degrees clockwise
scale 2 - scales cursor drawings to 2 times the normal size

repeat 5 - repeats the following lines 5 times, takes the cursors produced at the end of the loop and continues execution with those

hslset red - sets color to red
hslset green - sets color to green
hslset 0 1 0 - sets color to black
hslset 0 1 1 - 
sets color to white


poly 3?6 - makes a polygon with a number of sides randomly selected between 3 and 6
scale 1.0?2.0 - scales the cursor to a fractional size multiplier randomly selected between 1.0 and 2.0

rot 0:180:5 - Forks the cursor list 5 times. first cursor set is rotated 0 degrees, next one is rotated 45 degrees, then 90, 135 and finally 180 degrees.

This is just the short version of the reference; click here to see the complete one

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