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Zeta's World is the very first Zaratustra Productions game, made before fan favorite Eversion. It is a platformer very much a certain world belonging to a certain Italian plumber. It used to be called Zeux's World for extremely arcane reasons, then was renamed to Zeta's World for even more arcane reasons.

Is it rough? Yes. 

A bit derivative? It is very derivative. 

Is it super difficult at times? Definitely. 

Then why the hell should I pay for this Zara Because, my friend, this is indie history. It is almost 20 years old, that's like 300 years in indie game years. Plus, this is like the third release, so there have been some fancy additions on the way:

  • Secret, procedurally generated levels. Yeah you people love that don't you.
  • All bugs squished out (this time for sure)
  • Some small changes to make the game easier and more interesting! Items that were fun but super hard to find in the original now generously drop at random from enemies. Loot drops, dear reader, just like Skyrim!

OK, inserting the original game introduction below:

Our brave Smiley Hero© had just defeated the terrible Evil Wizard™ and was enjoying a quiet and calm endgame... when the beam came from the skies and striked him (or her). When the beam cleared out, he (or she) had been whisked by unknown forces, into a bizarre world unlike anything he (or she) ever experienced!

You are now that hero! Can you brave your way through this world of perilous islands, dangerous beasts, overseen by a dimensionally-wrenching tower of doom?


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